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A World Without Color

YESSS! This is my first time doing a black and white picture, and i'm so happy I did the clouds right and everything :D. I'm pretty pleased with this one. and btw no more requests please :(

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RockStar8822014-07-15 19:33:44


NeonGlow1232014-01-04 11:20:40

It almost make me cry O_O ;u;

Danielle3332013-07-30 10:53:12

This is just so good.

Grace_May2013-05-18 23:39:01


Shark Atack :<2013-01-11 14:15:59

How is there 2 and a 4 steeben

Shark Atack :<2013-01-11 14:15:10

And good painting Steeben

Shark Atack :<2013-01-11 14:14:21

I watched that movie yesterday very good moive you should watch "Taken" there making a second too

Steeben 22013-01-10 11:35:11

Noo hack..

Rai Beachmann2013-01-07 08:54:52

Can i please request something cause i got hacked and cant do anything but view drawings :( i wished you could draw a dove pf hope pleae :( SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY IF I SPAM :(((((((

ZoeyB2013-01-05 15:11:13

you really didn`t need to tell me

Last_Resort2012-08-25 13:27:23

I feel sad
but it is really awesommazing

RachaelFewkes2012-07-08 12:00:28

Really amazing! I'm 12 and I could never draw like that. Do you know how to draw like that on paper too?

WeShareOneSky2012-07-05 08:29:07

I love how you do the moonlight.

NICOLE2012-06-23 08:33:01

you seem to be a good artis. you made a buitiful night sky and you will go places.

thegirlonfire2012-06-11 17:12:34

looks cold!!! thats how real it looks!!!

CATP2012-05-24 10:36:02

wow this is amazing, you have a real talent

demarrio2012-03-09 06:19:27

hey people

Steeben 42012-03-06 20:45:48

ahh sorry guys. this is the video http://www.invisiblechildren.com/videos

Steeben 42012-03-06 20:37:29

Guys, this is Steeben. I just watched a crazy video called the invisible children, it's about these ugandan kids who are abducted, raped, abused, and taken to be used as an army to kill their parents, some were used as sex slaves. it's terrible. this is a video talking about Joseph Kony, the criminal who started all this. the whole this is to make kony famous to arrest him. watch the video! it's amazing, inspring, and touching. :)

Opal Dragon2012-03-03 14:16:31

Unexplainable awesomeness XD Nice job!

HOLLIE W.2012-03-01 13:10:44


Fill-In Writer 2012-03-01 10:39:11


Ladydrew2012-02-29 21:20:46

Very cool. ^^
It looks very realistic.

*CloverPaw*2012-02-29 21:13:30

Pretty cool!! :3

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