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Branch Silhouettes

The silhouettes tree branches in the Alps before dawn.

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ayisha2012-12-19 12:37:57

omg. that is the most awsomest most coolest drawing ever. you are talented.

Katya F2012-11-19 11:24:52

You are brilliant at this.Iam really stunned.WOW.I meanI could never do anything like this.

1lulu7772012-06-26 05:54:45


ThePainter2012-06-06 07:59:57

I just watched the replay of you drawing this and it's EPIC

Angy2012-05-05 08:07:51


Hurricane :)2012-04-16 17:53:29

One word!!! WOW!!!!!!

Phosie2012-03-22 14:35:29

Holy crap how did you make this? This is AMAZING

caca popo2012-03-18 09:06:13


allizae2012-03-09 06:30:48


tinkerbella/myja2012-03-09 06:30:08

hi u did great

allizae2012-03-09 06:28:27

hey myja

tinkerbella/myja2012-03-09 06:28:22

hey u girl

hamster2012-03-04 11:11:12

just great it looks so real!!! i love it <3

Wolfen1012012-03-02 10:15:38

5 stars 4 u!

Wolfen1012012-03-02 10:15:22

this has to be a photo. SO FRIGGIN EPIC!

~Francesca Mallinson~2012-03-02 09:28:58

This is a very good capture of the scene, amazing detail. I hope to be like you someday, i guess my art's ok, but it's not as good as yours. You're great at landscapes!

Rosy2012-02-19 02:50:18

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a talent! It looks so real! so I´m a big fan of you!
What I would do, that I can draw something like this! Great Job.
I´m a big fan of this website! Here are pictures, wich are so fanatsic!!!!!
Please draw more !!!!!!!!!!!

Sushmit 22012-01-14 01:31:50

Wow! As a proffesional slimberer, that is really good. It is just like a photo....

sophiebunny452012-01-08 14:39:32

you are so good of a artisist

confused2011-12-29 21:27:32

i love this... seriously

dominick perez2011-11-29 14:00:36


dominick perez2011-11-29 13:59:58

WOW! I Thought i drew really good but dude, u hav some talent!!!!!!!!:D

hater2011-11-20 10:47:56

hahahahahahahahahahahaha at the comment of nayeli lol it's so funny wahahaha brokeback??? dear jowie lagioido it seems as you like edong and if you don't it just seems like it. P.S.your drawing are amazing dude thats what i call talent

Sarah2011-11-02 11:02:26

You are great! I love the water, how did you do that on the computer??? I can never draw that good :( but you are the best of the best :)

Krishna.s 2011-10-26 19:02:40

better than best!! well done u should def make real paintings for people to buy! i know i spend big money on that

good dog2011-10-19 16:31:24

Great work

nayeli2011-10-17 18:48:25

dear jowie lagioido

it seems as you like edong and if you don't it just seems like it.

P.S.your drawing are amazing dude thats what i call talent

Jowie Languido2011-10-02 18:42:06

thanks edong.. shishishi

edong2011-10-01 14:54:31

deym i waited for your latest drawing.. ur drawings are just the best!

hater2011-09-25 15:03:56

bonggacious huhuhuhuhuhuhu i will defeat you alll, and also you jamarcus waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jowie Languido2011-09-24 23:37:23

Thanks Jamarcus

Jamarcus2011-09-24 04:40:25

Wow! Jowie, ur the best!!

Dreama 7282011-09-21 14:46:57

My hubby thought this was a photo.........

MamaKat2011-09-21 08:02:42

This is just amazingly good!

Dreama 7282011-09-20 21:03:28

Fantastic........looks real

Jowie Languido2011-09-20 18:21:29

Thank you so much guys I'm glad you like it. All of you are my inspiration, I'm glad that you like my art. I'm a lazy artist, my only inspiration to paint is you guys. Thank you.

Lemontree 20112011-09-20 14:58:38

this is really fantastic. I'm clapping! :)

Steeben 32011-09-20 10:59:11

i just CANNOT get over on how amazing this and you are. OHMYGOODNESS I'M JUST GOING CRAZYYYYY why is it so good? not to mention this is only your second page of drawing on slimber and your FOURTH drawing got 24 comments! i had to go through 2 accounts to at least get comments normally and you... youu are amazing. this picture is great! i can't get over it lol i love the detail you put in the water and everything GREAT JOBB!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOUUUU

Jenny2011-09-20 08:28:19

it's amazing

Irena2011-09-20 02:27:38

This is brilliant! wow!

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