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Colorful night

OMG... have not drawn in so long. so much has been going on. Anyway, I'm really glad I was able to pull off the sky, and the grass. at first I didn't want to draw this.. but yeah. Hope you like it! :D

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Aleena2016-07-30 10:14:16

0.0 that's so good!

Elena Kitty 2015-12-28 17:33:01


M2015-10-25 10:27:04


darrhorse2014-12-20 10:44:22

your a good artist and amazing

aWarriorCat2014-11-11 18:12:11

It's Awesome

KarlArt2014-07-30 21:56:07

It's like true..

Spook2014-07-11 18:34:04

This is one of the best landscapes I've seen on slimber, keep up the good work!

moon2014-04-09 06:11:56

nice..I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yaari2014-03-05 22:35:00

super amazing!

bublegum2013-11-30 16:20:54

Wow! i only went like half way and it took bout 5 minutes! it mustve taken u hours!!!!! XD

CeCeHorse2013-10-24 13:22:56

Luv it! Especially how you used the tint of the sun!

tal2013-09-29 09:31:42

all of your pics are amazing

Lauren2013-08-09 05:09:16

Hi Steebeen! ^.^

Steeben2013-07-04 23:11:39

Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't drawn in SOO long. This year, I've joined public school, and I've never been this busy before XD. I'm a freshman at NHS now omg... but yeah. Now that it's summer I can draw more often!

Dream2013-06-10 08:08:00

You're Great Artist :)

xcho mseryan2013-05-19 01:58:54

the best

Left2013-05-17 05:36:27

I believe that pencil is having a seizure at some points

Becky2013-04-22 02:26:28

Beautiful, magestic!

rachel 2013-04-12 15:26:02

i dont like it........

I LOVE IT!!!! well done!!!!!!!!!!! i would buy this and hang it on my wall for sure

Ambs <32013-03-29 19:24:37

beautiful <3

Steeben 42013-01-10 11:17:08


Белокрила (Whitewinged 2012-12-12 07:08:50

love this sky :D

Steeben 42012-12-10 15:05:38

Dear people, please stop pretending to be me! -.-

Steeben 42012-07-21 11:28:48

-__- thats not me guys ... the one below. hate it when people pretend to be me. ugh

Steeben 42012-07-07 18:34:21

No. Haha jk yes :)

madzee2012-07-05 20:07:39

luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could you draw a dog for me?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

mpunja2012-06-26 08:44:26

OH WOW! u have some serious talent!

good dog2012-06-18 09:12:05

the sky is out of this world. your mad talented!

Steeben 42012-06-14 22:57:13

omg thanks so much guys! well... i'll post a drawing of myself.
I can only sketch people, but not paint people.
I only paint nature. haha. http://steeben360.deviantart.com/ this is my deviant art. check it out!

Wolfgirl122012-06-11 17:29:34

Steeben, could u do a self portrait sometime? Not meaning 2 b a stalker but some people want to know what others look like! :-)

kutedymples2012-06-10 16:55:17

Another breath taking drawing, I know that Art knows no age but to find out that you are 13 years old really blows me away. Please come to Queeky and draw there too. You really need to spread your talent around the internet, there are many places to draw if you would like to know a few: https://www.facebook.com/OnlineDrawingSitesandArtists

WOW!2012-05-29 10:32:06

WOW! YOU ARE 13? I can't believe it! You draw so well, you are like a child prodigy!!! :P I love this painting!

CATP2012-05-24 10:37:34

You're 13??? Wow Steeben you are brilliant! :O

Anna2012-05-21 14:18:32

WOW!!! nice perspective!

Luciana M2012-05-20 09:05:21

*Clap Clap Clap* Wonderful! Beautiful!

BloodStainFang2012-05-19 14:05:26

That's wonderful.I'm a bit jealous because everyone else draws better than me.

Steeben 42012-05-18 14:30:13

AWWYEAHH... now that i have deviant art, no one can steal. muaha. http://steeben360.deviantart.com/

Steeben 42012-05-18 12:28:47

OMG... thats creep-sauce. BUT TOO BAD LOL CAUSE YOU CAN'T HACK ME IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. lololololol, try it, I dare you. hack me all you want it doesn't appear on my account.
and that's MY hack muahaha.
I have a trick where if you type the exact same name, it'll make a whole new account and there will be whole account of your failed hacked drawings.
bye funnymancharlie! your plans have FAILED.
plus, when i'm older, I'm getting them copyrighted, cause i'm 13 r

Tear-Of-A-Mad-Man2012-05-16 22:14:04

Dear Steenben (1,2,3,4 ect.)
Your art is amazing, sadly someone has it out for you. I'v been tracking a hacker going by the name of FuunymanCharlie. I think his plans are to destroy your accounts by hacking them to a point where your drawings are no longer visable under the "more by Steenben" The only thing that will be under your name will be drawings of his hacking. I no nothing more then this, and just wanted to bring him to your attention. Thanks.

Nelle2012-05-13 23:05:38

Ooh, very nice! The sun really does seem to shine bright there, and I like the sort of glow the clouds have. Very nice blend of colors. I like how you have shadows in the soft lush grass, and the sort of glow of the sun before it's gone (the redness under it).

I totally understand about it being so long before drawing again. I haven't written in a long time, either.

Sam2012-05-13 17:04:28

Epic. Totally.

Dreama 7 282012-05-13 15:04:35

I love it !!!!!!!!!!! such bold colors and sunsets are my fav

Irena P2012-05-13 13:18:07

wow! this is incredible! we get sunsets like this where we live, 1,000 ft above sea level!

Milk :D2012-05-12 19:37:21

O M BEEPING G sweeet i watch your beach thing and heart lov em!

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