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Culoui Noctis

finally had some time to draw something decent, anyway. I just wanted to let you guys know that i'm going to taiwan! (i'm taiwanese) and i've NEVER been there! so i'm pretty excited! wish me luck!

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aspen-otaku2015-02-20 17:19:23


coolgurl2013-04-18 13:41:53

no luck

NikoletaDragon2013-03-29 04:34:33

It's really hard to paint on computer,my paintings are boring when i'm painting on computer,but in real life,i can draw pretty good :) Anyway,your painting is awesome! :DDD

Alicia Gern2012-10-20 23:54:41

Breathtaking! Wonder if there is such a place?

Ben Cook2012-06-25 04:12:19

Hey man, great picture!

Bailey2012-06-22 06:30:58

I'M SOOO JEALOUS! I would die for your talents!

james2012-06-11 10:45:19

I hope you enjoy/ed your trip! ;-)

Steeben 42012-05-08 17:19:53

haah yes, I'm Steeben, 2, 3 and 4, i'll be starting a Steeben 5 soon.

AB6*Sara2012-04-20 08:43:54

wow i love it that reminds me of sunset colosseum from pokemon battle revolution

Hurricane :)2012-04-17 10:54:59

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could draw like that!!! Also, are Steeben 3 and Steeben 4 the same person, because you both are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

demarrio2012-03-09 06:27:20

dis take to long

Pony Love <32012-02-01 09:25:07

Wow this looks like a picture in real life! it's amazing! Have fun in Taiwan

Triz2012-01-16 11:39:20

This is really amazing! How did you do the reflection of the moon on the water?

flutterkat2012-01-11 16:50:17

have fun at ur trip!:3

joselyn kelso2012-01-02 13:54:06

pleeze dont go we want you to draw more awsome pictures and sell them for at least $15.00

Sarah's an artist!2011-11-23 08:25:06

I luv it!!! safe trip!!!!!!

somrigost2011-11-10 15:12:32

Omg what a beautiful picture! Have fun in Taiwan :)

Dreama2011-10-29 19:21:33

Very Good!

Adreal2011-10-29 13:50:42

WOW THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

bvb lover2011-10-28 17:10:57

hey how do you think of these drawing ideas im stumpped

MamaKat2011-10-28 07:07:13

This is excellent.

Irena2011-10-27 11:17:46

Truly wonderful pic, have a great time away, the Lord go with you.

Steeben 42011-10-26 21:06:48

Glad you asked! It means colorful night in latin! (LOL I don't know latin i'm just typing it that way cause it looks cool haha)

William2011-10-26 20:12:57

Good, but what is Culoui Noctis?

Kaela Shannon2011-10-25 23:27:51

This is fantastic!! You are a great artist! Its hard for me to do stuff on these online computer paint programs....so much easier with a pencil and some paper......but you do amazing on this paint program! awesome!

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