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ALRIGHT CAN YOU HELP ME OUT WITH A SMALL PROBLEM?I wanna make aManga or comic book thing on here but I can't think of anything Like a story line to draw by, or at least part of it,GREATLY appreciated!

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Zero2012-03-18 21:47:08

hmmmm a horror romance type thing with a little bit of commenty like the best anime ever ELFEN LIED or hirgushi XP cuz my other comic Wolf pack just plain sucks :P

Proto Knight2012-03-17 22:05:13

I really suck on comic idea's >.>
I'll let u know when i have an (DECENT) idea.
what do u want it to be like?
Drama, comedy, action..other?

Zero☠2012-02-29 19:17:45

hmm Sounds cool one small problem though I suck at drawing animals (besides cats I guess O,O) but Idk maybe I'll tweek this Idea a little I LOVE the main Idea of it :)

NEREBEME2012-02-29 19:13:54

well u could do one on abouth.. When a wolf guy turns on his friends due to the one friend who he was in love with hurt him badly and he turned evil and he ran away and made a new pack and then attked the reast of old pack then he was dyeing then she told him she loved him and he was ok i guess that could be a cool one.

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