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my best yet!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daphne2012-06-05 05:37:25

good eye

Lexi-anne2012-05-09 14:24:08

The drawing is good, but you hadn't needed to spam your comments to get it on the Most Commented Drawings.

kishuhater2012-03-17 19:44:34

It does look awful and ugly and swollen

Maiboo2012-03-03 16:29:38


worm3.142012-03-03 11:42:10

i like it, its a lot better that what i can do

Kaitlyn2012-02-29 10:05:45

I like it!!!! all the people that didnt have problems!!!

TBBhorsegirl2012-02-22 19:42:34

dont listen to them they are just stipid....oh nevermind i like it and as long as you like it
its amazing

Genie cat2012-01-22 08:53:44

I hate it sooooooo freakin much, its awful and people should stop commenting on it.

meeeeeeeee2011-12-20 01:27:43

awesome eye

Maybelle2011-11-23 05:02:53

i've seen better. I"ll never be able to draw like this tho ;) Good job, still. Except it's kinda disgusting. but well. I'm not that talented either 0.0

by jaeden2011-11-21 13:25:00

that looks boring i CAN DO BETTER THEN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whippet Lover2011-11-20 10:32:50

The big pink thing is kinda disturbing...

Pinky2011-11-13 21:44:07

i kinda like it exept the 1 in the end

Fanny Hill2011-11-09 08:42:50

am not being funny right but the eyelashes look like pubes ...

Nikkzscreams2011-10-17 13:22:13

:L This is only in the 'Top Comments' section because of Shebs' constant commenting.

bloom1142011-09-14 19:34:00

Wow thats amazing!!!

Makiboo2011-09-05 10:55:09

eh im comparing it to Sushimets drawings so it looks prettyyyyy baadd

Ailbhe2011-09-04 05:59:11

look at my paintings! I AM TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash2011-08-26 10:15:38

That's really good. Way better than me. It sort of looks realistic.

ama2011-08-07 10:15:33

wow i cant beleve the kind of comments you jerks write i think its great

Bebe012011-08-06 11:24:02

some of you guys r being idiots because ITS AMAZING maybe some of you dont understand the meaning of art is about showing your talent and having FUN not just commenting mean stuff Anyways awesome job!

WarriorLuv2011-08-04 11:25:10

Hater, that is unnecisary

hater2011-08-04 11:24:34

i hate it

shebs2011-07-28 13:27:38

its crap okay just stop commenting

Meli Jeli2011-07-14 15:57:49

I dont wanna be rude but ive seen better. Although it is really good. I bet i couldn't even do that.

tasha d2011-07-07 20:02:55

u know what, u guys r all kind of rude. i bet if i went to all of your pages, not even 1/4 of u guys would be better so shut up and stop being jerks!!!!

Disgusted Viewer2011-07-07 17:35:07

you know how you said you do requests? I REQUEST YOU STOP COMMENTING BECUASE ITS CHEATING. Let the GOOD drawings get some recognition. Jerk.

Ooshii2011-07-04 02:14:04

stop commenting

none2011-06-26 15:04:54

no comment

saliha2011-06-23 22:58:40

wait- so you only got this on the most commented place becasue you are the one who comented on it the most? i think thats self-explanitry

molly2011-06-17 05:09:24

could you please do an eye with a tear in it

Spirit Wolf2011-06-03 11:48:05

If I said it was ugly I would be lying. and I bet you are all saying mean things not because you think the picture isnt good but because she comented on her own drawing too many times but she has learnt from that mistake and wont do it again. anyway, its better that i could ever do!

barbara gurgle2011-05-29 23:51:10

nice how did you do that cool!!!!!!!!!!!

HollyleafofThunderClan2011-05-15 09:14:27

I like your picture.

Kenzielootoo2011-05-14 15:48:13

First things first, I can NOT draw an eye as good as you (just saying) except the one on my Drawing "Vampire" U should check it out ;D

scarlette2011-05-13 19:15:03


Destruction epic!2011-05-07 16:44:10


Pinky2011-05-04 21:17:21

Don't be mean guys. Don't say it looks ugly.If I said it looks ugly I would say sorry.And I Love It I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Macdonald2011-04-25 20:25:29

Ive been picked on dont be sad, people said my toph drawing was ugly...

bbbbb2011-04-24 16:23:23


Emma R. D.22011-04-11 12:56:04

yes . it wasnt dumb i drew many eyes. may be the comment thing couldve been a little lower, like 20 like i did. but still i love it and u deserve most commented so im adding more comments. Hah!

rsv2011-04-11 04:01:39

very intricate and clever (soz i'm commenting but i wanted u 2 no what i thought)

Wolf Girl2011-04-10 14:41:10

Look people stop being mean. I know i am commenting again, sorry shebs, but she has learnt her lesson. I know her and she told me it was a really dumb thing to do. So just be nice!

Cat paws2011-04-06 10:21:31

Iam trying to let others go on the most commented so NO MORE COMMENTS i repeat NO MORE COMMENTS

anominous person2011-04-02 13:10:37

its good, but im givng it the poorest rating i can! i mean commenting ur own page once or twice is fine, but are you really that desperate to get on most commented? u should get on it through hard work on your paintings, not cheating!

m2011-04-01 12:56:22

this is the most pathetic thing ive ever seen! commenting on ur own page?! and yah sorry but that eye IS terrible!

Emma R. D.22011-03-28 13:27:30

I agree it is truly amazing! sorry if i spelled truly wrong is it truely? whatever

nakai vernon2011-03-24 23:08:52

PEOPLES!!!!! stop being so rude!!!! even though they dont show it, it does hurt their feelings, shebs i think this is a good drawing

Cat paws2011-03-24 14:11:03

I know I was just being an idiot I hate the picture now

Mallory Holt2011-03-21 18:20:18

OMG R U kidding me?
stop "Shebs" seriously
the drawing isn't that good.


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