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This is my puppy Fluffy. so cute = )

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corgie5162016-06-06 19:15:06

MY grandma has two dogs that look exactly like that! 80

art wing pony lover74032015-03-19 17:41:09


I_love_wolves2014-10-29 12:34:14

So DARN CUTE!!!! I have a Toy Poodle that gets REAL FLUFFY!!!

XxStarxX2013-05-01 19:12:09

The back legs are obviously on the other side of him. X"D @Cgdoodle

kinga kaminska2013-04-01 13:34:32

awww lov it! rate u 5! :3

cgdoodle2013-03-29 11:54:38

where are his back legs !!!!!!!!!!!! WIERD
but really good on halve the body

Choclate yumyum2013-01-15 14:52:57


Gemma Zoobop2012-12-29 14:29:10

Not Bad's comment was mean

LOVEANIMALS1232012-12-23 11:28:57

O-O! awww i love it <3

jennie$2012-12-23 04:16:38

NO! NO! YOU CAN'T BE BETTER THAN ME.ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

severe case of ADOREABLENESS!2012-11-24 15:15:18

i likey Fluffy!

jd2012-10-11 09:05:40

all your drawings are amazing

Bebeee2012-08-02 17:23:39

Why you drawing my dog!? (Joking) I swear, my puppy, Gypsy looks exactly like that!!!!! Ur really good!!!!

Chantel A. S.2012-07-29 17:32:45

could you make a pegasus and by the way this is really good

queeniek2012-07-16 15:00:47

that is sooo cute you are an amazing artist!!!:)

shygal2022012-07-05 21:22:02

this is a shih Tzu? i have one too.... is it a girl... and did u get her from a little boy, age ten? brody suiter?

shygal2022012-07-05 21:19:51

thats beautiful, excellent, excquizit, amazing, spectacualar..... i said anough

lilyflower2012-06-13 11:42:08

can u draw me a bunny Plez!!!!!!!!

Madison Gould2012-05-03 18:10:44


snowy148472012-04-25 16:29:00


haylie2012-04-22 08:50:30

have you guys wached too cute on animal planet?toocute!

Hurricane :)2012-04-16 17:54:29

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a German shorthaired pointer!!! I know its not a well-known breed but they are amazing!!!

bumble bee2012-03-25 03:48:42

CUTE spells cute! i luv it!

awesome one2012-03-12 09:58:43

can u draw a black cat with a bell and silver coller,that would be my cat •}

tinkerbella/myja2012-03-09 06:32:11

it looks just like my sister bravo bravo lol ;)

kylie drossner2012-03-08 14:38:27

if i knew you i would give you a big sqeeze and maybe a kiss he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

bella2012-03-06 09:47:18

hey can you draw me a pic of a cocker spaniel puppy thats white with brown spots and has droopy eyes he's my faveorite dog

St.Gertrude,#172012-02-21 21:56:25

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

HighQualityArtsAssocation.2012-02-13 08:43:43

Hi, im from the HQAA otherwise known as High Quality Arts Assocation. I think you have real potential as matter fact i know you do. you could be getting paid in the matter of weeks for commerical ads, cartoon ads, trailers, museums, and everything in between im talking Four digits a week, Heres how its done You draw me a picture of anything it could similar to this (ANYTHING). Put HQAA at the top of it . And i could show it too one of my representives and if they like Bam your in buisness.

helaina osterhout2012-02-12 13:09:51

hater if you dare to hurt this persons feelings i know were you live. treat peaple the way you want to be treated! by the way jowie i love your picture do you like titanic?

sophiebunny452012-01-08 14:46:15

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a puppy :)

Kylie Livermore2012-01-07 13:22:10


joselyn kelso2012-01-04 08:12:04

that lookz like my foster dog

Wolfluvinperson2011-12-23 11:19:00

When I try to draw realistic, it always fails. But I <3 yur drawing!!! It's totally awesome!

lps scert 2011-12-20 19:00:57

i like your picture.your a real artist.

vicca2011-11-24 22:16:45

(/_)^(_) kawaii. -3-

Yayu2011-11-23 16:05:51

This is amazing! The fur looks so real! Of course the puppy is adorable too.
Just on ething, where are the hind paws??
Great job!

EmMa2011-11-20 12:56:02

OMG! do you have my dog or something! thats so liek my dog, hes sleeping on my bed at the moment! :D xxxxx

Maiboo2011-11-12 14:58:18

AWWWWW so cute!

sonicfancharacterdrawer92011-11-05 17:42:36

also looks like my dag when he was a puppy! is it a shutzu? i bet i spelled it wrong!

sonicfancharacterdrawer92011-11-05 17:41:14

fluffy puppy!!!!!XD

Not bad2011-11-04 23:21:57

ughhhh pretty bad for a computer drawing >:/

autumn2011-11-04 07:03:03

i love it is so freaking cute

autumn2011-11-04 07:01:58

owe my that is so cute

latavia202011-11-04 07:01:56

so cute

meli jeli2011-10-23 09:51:12

aw! its cuter than mydog

Brooke Henderson2011-10-09 06:16:38

that is really good wow i could never ever draw like that on a computer=]

james2011-09-30 07:17:00

hi people

Vida2011-09-25 16:23:27

Wow ! Jowie ha!!!! artist jed!

JOwie Languido2011-09-11 22:37:23

thanks guys for al your views it's now 1000


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