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Full moon

I did this while gazing at the full moon.

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JTHM's #1 fan!!!!2012-04-25 15:21:38

how did you make the moon look like that?!

i-am-me2012-04-18 09:41:11

how can you take something so simple and make it so.... AMAZING!!!! :D

Phosie2012-03-22 14:34:33

OMG SO AMAZING! lol @shaneybear11

^_^2012-03-11 11:02:06

How do you do the clouds?

leah2012-01-08 09:44:38

i luv full moones....guess why.....

mee :)2011-12-21 03:12:14

awesome! i saw a picture just like this on the internet! it looks so realistic :)

Enrhiya Sakai2011-11-25 23:31:25

SO beautiful and realistic!!!! :DDDD

Once upon a smile2011-11-01 19:14:47

wow that's amazing!
> u <

KMJones2011-10-21 14:03:44


bluetulip2011-10-05 09:44:00

wow looks soooo real plus, its very realistic.....

Dark Shadow2011-09-25 17:00:42

Holy shit its wonderful

Padmini Kunaparaju2011-09-15 23:21:20

Wonderful! to watch ur drawing. awesome!

shaneybear112011-09-14 11:36:41

WAIT!!!! whers professor lupin?!??!!

CharleneChu2011-08-18 01:49:39


WarriorLuv2011-08-05 18:53:35

It looks so REAL!

Captain W.2011-07-27 03:35:48

soooo beautiful...its like gazing at the real thing :O

Jowie Languido2011-07-20 16:46:59

hahaha no problem @moonlover you love the moon right? I'm glad you love it. hehehe thank you for loving my paintings

melee2011-07-19 23:25:38

XD u r so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this all your pics are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rubicunda212011-07-19 13:29:16

amazing! i wish i could draw this good

moon lover 2011-07-19 02:40:42

sorry for copying your drawing i just try to be agood painter i want to learn from u sorry again :)

jowie Languido2011-07-13 22:00:28

Hi Layla, here's the link for your request. http://slimber.com/index.php?image=fluffy.g67855 I hope you like it this is my puppy

jowie Languido2011-07-13 16:31:22

Wow sure let me draw animals soon. Sure why not just email me. Thank you

layla2011-07-13 02:09:24

oh wow can u draw animals on this? can i hire you on my pet adopibles site?

MamaKat2011-07-12 21:20:26

Great job on this!

Lemontree 20112011-07-12 10:17:34

awesome job :)

hater2011-07-11 22:52:56

what is diz? wahahaha

good dog2011-07-11 19:42:35


jowie2011-07-09 16:24:43

thank you

marina2011-07-09 16:05:39

holy flippin awesome!

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