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Gothic guy

Ok I planned to do something different but I couldn't get it how I wanted it to look but this works too I guess :O

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Zero☠2012-02-29 19:36:06

THX u 2!!! and NP

HippieFayve2012-02-29 19:34:14

owch. hahah. well i better start saving up. thank you verry much for you time and help. i apreciat it alot. :) have a nice day and good luck with your art work. :)

Zero☠2012-02-29 19:29:41

umm depends if you want a one with a screen or not, the screen ones can be ALOT but usally graphics tablets cost the same as a laptop :D

HippieFayve2012-02-29 19:26:36

im using the touch pad on my laptop. its hard to keep a straight line.

HippieFayve2012-02-29 19:25:34

yes. i was gonna get one for my birthday but i got a tattoo gun instead. so it would be like daring. with a stylis and everything. i think i will get one. it will be worth the money? and how much money is a good one?

Zero☠2012-02-29 19:24:32

But When I started to draw online I went from mouse---track pad---graphics tablet :3

Zero☠2012-02-29 19:21:52

Well see thats most peoples problem, have u heard of a Graphics Tablet? I use one it really inproves both your skills on paper and online :D

HippieFayve2012-02-29 19:20:39

i could use some cirtigues

HippieFayve2012-02-29 19:18:02

thats fine.
(my story)
well. i had mad alot of sketches on paper. and i came up with a story for a web comic. i have been wanting to make one for a while. so i sketched (on paper) the first few pages. then i tried to make a few compter sketches, not related to the comic. but i am not so good at computer sketching. and that would make it verry hard to make a web comic that people would be willing to read and enjoy.

Zero☠2012-02-29 19:10:50

Umm I'm willing to help but I'm not gonna email u sorry -.-"

HippieFayve2012-02-29 19:03:22

i could use your help with something. if you are willing to help me cirtique my computer art work, please email me dylan.smittywerbenjagermanjens@gmail.com

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