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I had a dream...

Haha I haven't drawn in so long! It's because I went to a retreat and really experienced God's love for me :D but then when I came back I was like, ohgreat... back to 7th grade school. so yeah!

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Lengendary Cats2014-09-01 07:51:20

i try doing this all the time ^.^ never works out..

ticci-toby2013-10-21 14:00:03

OuO*speechless* so....awsome!!

MECANC2013-06-20 21:27:21


mirabele2013-05-05 09:15:48


Tigran2013-04-19 02:43:33

Nice, very good drawing.

KC2013-02-27 15:18:03

That is so great!
I wIsh I had talents like you!:)

coldabbyawesome2013-02-24 08:19:30

WOW! Im just-just speechless

forgive the entering2013-01-02 10:36:53

im better slut

Veronika2012-12-03 03:53:06

this is ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!!!!!! Im in 8th grade and cant do that on computer, maybe on paper or canvas but not on compuer, and BTW, my mom is an art teacher/artist....but dude, GOD? us who arent religious dont really wanna hear about it... and dont say we should believe because its not gonna work, just sayin.

Wintershadow2012-11-06 18:30:30


giselle gonzalez2012-10-20 20:22:11

that is so amazing like really omg you are so talent and keep up the good work:)

NICOLE2012-09-28 17:49:11

Thats very amusing! And your only 12 or 13? WOW! ^.^ P.S. Im younger than you Yay!

Jessica T 2012-08-20 03:31:22

Speechless of such art YOUR A PRO!!

Navaldisaster2012-07-10 21:18:39

I love your art! :) I'm an artist myself but you have talent! :D

Songsparrow2012-06-29 16:35:51


sheeranara2012-06-29 12:00:49

cool ness

nayii.c.2012-06-29 09:44:56

cool and iluv the colors you used

Steeben 42012-05-29 15:42:39

haha no, I use a mouse. just kinda got used to it.

254SERVIN2012-05-04 07:58:31


Carmen~♥2012-04-15 13:49:19

oh my days, i wish i could draw like you.. did you use a drawing tablet?xx

Richia2012-02-22 18:10:28

its like the start of the world again(just kidding)it looks soooooo nice!

Jazmin2012-02-22 18:09:45

That is so amazing.....I wish that would happend in my dream...:)

ADELEfan#12012-01-28 06:48:38

gorgeous picture by the way

ADELEfan#12012-01-28 06:48:21

I had a dream....... A dream about you...... I dreamed it for you...... And if it wasn't for me, then where would you be, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee? (That's from the play Gypsy. Madame Rose sings it after both of her daughters--June and Louise---Leave her)

Icefur2012-01-22 09:33:39

I think that your drawing is better than a picture that a camera takes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Icefur2012-01-22 09:31:42

You have a gift!!!! great job!

Mingpop2012-01-20 11:54:16

wow you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could draw like you!!!!

Believer!2012-01-15 19:18:37

God blessed you with amazin talent!

Anastasia2012-01-14 15:19:24

Y-you're in seventh grade?
Jesus Christ
I mean...just...wow!

Elly Klawitter2012-01-11 13:17:44

Oh My God!!!!!! R u really in 7th grade? Wat school do u go 2??????

Mooose2012-01-11 00:46:10

How could anyone doubt our Lord's love for us with this!?

God bless!

:D2012-01-09 19:11:48

wow. awesomeness. :]

Lauren Latham2012-01-09 16:16:05

omg breathtaking

Thomas2011-12-26 09:11:33

ohh . man this is great .. fantastic work

freddy fin2011-11-08 19:35:51

u are so good drawing bud :) ...................................how do u do it? (P)

Gabiii2011-11-08 16:45:57

This is absolutely amazing. You are truly one of the best artists on slimber, dont EVER stop drawing cause you're amazing at it. You are so talented.
- Gabi <3

Steeben 42011-10-31 14:45:39

anyone can draw! You just have to believe that you can draw, no one can just be as good as leonardo de vinci just like that right? practice ahha thats all, and EVERYONE. EVERYONE.EVERRYYONEE has talents, everyone. God gave everyone one certain talent, and if art is not your talent, that's okay! some people have talent for sports or singing, you just have to find your own talent! but you can't find it by thinking that you don't have one! so yeah! that's it :D

colorfur2011-10-30 14:54:04

why cant i draw??? u know ppl say u have atlease one talent for something? I doont think i do...

Steeben 42011-10-27 20:43:35

ahah i'm 12

Lizzie2011-10-22 17:33:03

how old r u ? if u draw those pictures u did online and sold them they shoulsd be worth 100,000 dollars! u r a great artist!

I Love Brownies&&Cakes :2011-10-19 09:01:14

how do you add so much detail :D

blanquita¡¡2011-10-16 10:10:26

beautifull nice ¡¡¡ im love this picture im an artist ,I would like to draw so some day

Morgan2011-10-11 20:22:30

Wow!! that is really good!

Shannon Smith2011-09-28 09:44:46

I'm so jealous you draw so well!!! I guess it takes time I'm only ten

KENNYBOYY 2011-09-22 15:12:57

LOL its frustrates me i cant draw but ppl like HIM can draw so well

HighonColors01012011-09-07 20:43:42

Unbelievably Gorgeous! boggles the mind on how you can do this and your younger than me!xD

somrigost2011-09-07 12:38:57

beautiful..... I wanna go there!

Mama kat2011-09-06 20:35:00

May God hold you on your journey. The beauty you capture is an appreciation far beyond your years. I think you are an old soul. Old souls do not have age, they have moments. Thank you for sharing your moments of artistic inspirations with us. Walk your path to God. We will all meet in the dream. MamaKat

Mama kat2011-09-06 06:45:32

That is beautiful.

Irena2011-09-06 06:25:28

Absolutely beautiful you certainly have a God given talent!


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