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spent a couple of hours on this piece loved working with the colours and please enjoy the video

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Foxy_The_Pirate_Fox2015-04-30 15:50:59


art wing pony lover74032015-02-05 18:36:42

jaw drop 0 0

gina2014-06-19 07:51:45

i give it 5/5 stars! it's amazing!

Grace_May2013-03-21 20:53:41

-but great job,i couldnt draw that. even if i tried. well i could but it would be hard!!

Dana2013-01-30 17:37:41

Wow!!! nice picture ;) It looks beautiful when i saw it it made me go like "0.o"

gjk2012-03-03 17:52:11

how could THIS only get 4/5 stars? it looks AMAZING! i give it a 5/5!

me2012-02-27 20:21:04

ssssooooo fuuuucckkiinng aammaaazzziinnggggg

HEDGEHOG GIRL :32012-01-07 11:37:24


wolf2011-11-02 17:02:22


nicholas cooper2011-05-13 12:39:51

this is so well done the movies should have used it for the picture!

JollyBelle2011-04-29 16:01:16

Check out our website! youll love it!! Its JollyBelleBags.Webstarts.Com!! leave a comment on the contact tab!

samuel bessiake2011-04-08 19:14:42

best picture i've seen all day

tony L2011-03-29 08:46:00

i know lol i have been told tmany of times perhaps thats why its had so many low votes. lol

Brandon Cabrera2011-03-28 20:39:59

dang man its pretty cool but u got the name grong its "Jake Sully" lol

tony L2011-03-26 07:05:02

its not a simple as that.

skillet44552011-03-20 21:02:09

pay you 100 buck if you teach me how to draw

tony L2011-03-14 17:23:46

lol dont do that :)

Nin5432011-03-13 16:31:00

this is so good i might have a heart attack.. :D x

diljstar2011-02-16 14:32:27

i luv avatar which makes this pic alot bettr its awsome
can any1 comment on my pics, though? i mean seriosly, they arn't all that great, but who cares?

tony L2011-02-11 14:29:58

i drew it from a screencap of the movie thats why :)

Keeks2011-02-10 16:16:35

Where did you come up with one side blue then the other side darker? Was it just for shading, or?

Mz.Rican2011-01-15 22:52:14

i have watch mostly all of your pictures,if u believe me or not,they are really good,but this one is my favorite, i really like it

Ally Flagg2011-01-15 08:41:08

JAKE not jack

chaise2011-01-05 19:56:04


tony L2010-12-30 17:59:19

hey yeh thanks i cant get along with a tablet i guess i should just practice with it but i dunno i keep going back to the mouse lol

Izzy Jones2010-12-30 16:00:50

love it :) thats amazing that you can draw like that (especially with a mouse)

TIGER2010-12-29 23:51:44

cooooool , that mustve taken a long time! and i love that movie! yaaay avatar!

tess2010-12-28 20:08:51


tony L2010-12-23 17:03:25

hey thanks no i use a mouse :)

bani2010-12-23 11:36:28

love it. The best one

TJ2010-12-23 10:50:46

Did you use a tablet?
Anyways amazing!

noodle2010-12-07 08:41:38


tony L2010-12-05 12:50:01

thanks it was fun to do :)

Claudia2010-12-02 13:01:09

Wow thats amazing..i love all the hard work you put into that thats reallys cool....i also love the colors...

Taylon2010-12-01 15:18:44

you are tottaly awsome brother from another mother come hang out with me and my bros yeah homie peace out brother.

Rita Collins2010-12-01 09:33:05

Beautiful job

tony L2010-11-28 18:57:59

hi liam i would love to coment you thanks for the kind words but i can t find you on this site send me a link here and i will go to it thanks :)

liam lynch bell2010-11-28 17:01:24

hi tony awesome job u are the best artist on the computer that I know of please comment on my drawings liam lynch bell I am only nine years old so please comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tony L2010-11-27 17:27:19

Thanks im glad you do :)

good dog2010-11-27 16:48:14

love it

tony L2010-11-23 18:40:46

thanks alot i will do more :)

Lemontree2010-11-23 16:52:42

Tony L...this is superb! Nice going. Do more! Do more! :)

tony L2010-11-22 14:07:17

thanks dany for your comment i always start off with a dark background then work from there.

danydanny2010-11-22 14:04:07

this is freaking real like a picture like your drawing style too!

tony L2010-11-22 13:40:56

i thanks tim i was watching the movie and thought wow what amazing colours, so i paused the shot on the bluray player and drew it.

Tim Vloski2010-11-22 13:37:53

Amazing, just wonderful. How did you think of drawing this? PLEASE REPLY.

tony L2010-11-22 12:53:34

thanks for your kind comments :)

Stue2010-11-22 12:51:26


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