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Lots of secrets...

the biggest one is ........ im not telling you!!! XD lightningheart knows though cause she's my Best friend in real life

Other drawings by *Blizzardstar*

Warrior Luvah (Redstar)2012-04-15 10:07:23

nice i like russia.. i like it there *heh heh* wots it like i nevr been there XP

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-15 08:00:38

i was adopted from russia :P

Warrior Luvah (Redstar)2012-04-14 23:09:13

i was adopted from manhatten to this day i liv in oxford!

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-14 22:48:41

dont think my dad lived...

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-14 22:48:30

Omg my mom was 19 :P scary

Warrior Luvah (Redstar)2012-04-14 22:46:55

i waz adopted cuz my mothr woz 19 and my dad committed suicide

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-14 22:37:22

yeah i don't know who my real parents are XP kinda wierd

Warrior Luvah (Redstar)2012-04-14 22:35:48

ur sill my best friend blizz

Warrior Luvah (Redstar)2012-04-14 22:35:22

i was in lybia when the war was happening

*Deathstrike*2012-04-14 18:55:18

Well, its ok, we will always appreciate you for who you are. Your past wont change anything.

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-14 18:28:47

yeah but there is lots of other things if i was an orphan then there is lots more to the story....

*Deathstrike*2012-04-14 18:27:53

Hm? No need to feel embarssed, life is life

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-14 18:23:39

uhhhhh well i-was-a--a-a-orphan (feels embarresed) not really something to make fun of i just feel embarresed about it :P

*Deathstrike*2012-04-14 18:07:07

Tell me!!!! :D :D I won;t make fun of you! I promise!!

*Blizzardstar*2012-04-14 17:55:58

well ya know i would tell but people would make fun of me...

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