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Pink Field

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON (my other older sister) this drawing is for her! :D hope you guys like it!

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Galxy kitten2018-03-28 13:23:23

wow wow wow wow wow :D :D

terela2014-07-19 19:34:36

szxdfgvbhjnimkolzsxdfhbjlmk... A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mistyjoe2013-02-23 09:20:52

i love it

Rai Beachmann2012-12-05 07:37:14

xD this is a wallpaper i know i have it, but awsoe way you drew it

Veronika2012-12-03 03:57:05

its really good, but one of the lines behind the tree kinda go through it.

Kashfia D. Manju2012-10-27 13:54:15

i know the movie knowing yeah the tree is kinda like that. but the drawing is just beautiful. i like ur drawings!!

FlipnoteShineyVulpix2012-10-06 17:10:54

*BOOM* did you hear that? that my my mind..... Just wow your good...!

Jakoby Curtsinger2012-08-14 13:34:43

This is pretty dang creative!!!!! like!

mustach man2012-08-01 18:58:12

looks like a thing from the ipafd........>_> hhhhmmmmmm

ella c. haney2012-07-08 06:45:04

can you draw a lemon?

Ra-Ra2012-05-07 17:46:45

i wish i was your sister i love the picture

good dog2012-04-26 20:17:16

love it. so pretty

Rain2012-04-16 16:38:18

You are a fantastic artist! I love your paintings so much! I am much better with a pen and paper. I just lost my whole drawing notebook, though : ' ( Wish me luck on finding it...

JIM HICKEY 2012-03-23 10:50:11

There is a movie called "Knowing " and at the end there's this tree very similiar , excellent job !! love this

kylie drossner2012-03-11 13:39:01

wow soo pretty

winged angel2012-02-18 18:10:16

I <3 the colors u used!!!!!!! btw:its awesome

Maiboo2012-02-13 11:04:06


V.C.2012-02-01 05:18:00

very very good work

Triz2012-01-16 11:58:54

I <3 the sky!

tasia092012-01-15 02:00:49

woow, how can you draw like that in computer? it's lovely :) teach me please if you don't mind :)

:D2012-01-09 19:16:29

you are really good at drawing on the computer :] i kinda fail. :P only good with pen and paper! lol! are your drawings real landscapes, or do you just make them up? its so cool. have you ever considered selling you art?

sophiebunny452011-12-29 07:39:27

did shannon like it?

sophiebunny452011-12-28 18:37:47

this must of took such a long time.i also saw how you made it.i am afan of your paintings.love your paintings.i bet your sister LOVED it.i would to if i got a present like that.

3singingsisterz2011-10-25 08:54:15

wow ur an artist! i like manga more though thats just my opinion

Dreama 7 282011-10-09 13:27:55

this is a very nice gift Steeben........your sister will love it

Hallow2011-10-07 17:56:05

You r an awesome drawer! I suck at drawing. This picture reminds me of that field from The Lovley Bones

Steeben 32011-10-04 12:05:29

yups! why do people ask that so much?

Irena2011-10-04 10:29:20

are you really only 12?

Steeben 32011-10-03 21:23:09

LOL no,... shannon (my sister) she doesn't go on slimber, THAT shannon is a different one, but serena (jesusfreak) is my sister. Shannon is 21 and serena is 15 and i'm 12

Jowie Languido2011-10-03 18:51:58

Hey steeben you are the brother of Shannon? Glad to know that. Shannon once asked me how old am I, she left comments on my paintings. Please greet me happy birthday to her. Thank you. Love your paintings bro.

Irena2011-10-03 14:38:32

I do like it! and I'm sure your sister will too.

Elmleaf2011-10-03 13:02:43

I'm sure you sister will love it. I do!

rj1232011-10-03 12:20:58

Such a nice gift for your sister

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