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RIP my sister

Rest in peace

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ADELEfan#12011-11-03 14:10:39

my sister is my best friend too, if she ever died i wouldn't be able to stop crying for a second. You're very brave for putting up this picture, i'm terribly sorry for your loss

juliana freelong2011-01-11 23:55:12

Thanks so much, she was my sister but my bestfriend as well :D I miss her but she is in such a better place :D everytime i hear a song it reminds me of her, if anyone wants to listen to it its called save a place for me-matthew west heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbsBUf9VKyc

Sly cooper2011-01-07 07:38:51

*crys then hugs you* I am so sorry.1 of my friends just lost her dad....againg sorry for your los *crys then hugs again*

zaharah2010-12-28 13:41:02

what an interesting peice- i bet she loves it. i have deep synpathy for your loss.

juliana freelong2010-12-12 22:47:38

Thank u all for all your sweet comments :D

tony L2010-12-12 17:27:40

im sure she is looking down and has seen this. its beautiful and touching

Princess Taylor2010-12-12 13:12:35

Beautiful picture! Im so sry for your lost.

juliana freelong2010-12-12 11:53:02

Thank u so much, she is missed very much and thanks again :D

Lemontree2010-12-12 07:39:59

This is beautiful, Julia. My sympathies. So sorry for your loss. Big hug to you, JF. :(

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