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Sunset in Uganda

YAY! hehe... haven't drawn in supar longg :[ So yeah hope you like it!

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corgie5162016-07-12 18:51:55

So pretty and well drawn!!! I wanna draw like you, too! You filled me with inspiration! (Undertale joke x3) Keep drawing, bro! You have a real talent for it! ~Corgie516

silverwolf2013-06-28 12:56:01

you know the soffness bar, it's beside the size bar the higher the numbers the blurier the colors

Samii2012-06-18 14:52:04

wooww you good ! :O you really left me speachless o0 .. how did you do the backround blury ?

Emily Clarke2012-06-08 05:21:59

I love the way the sun is shing on the plant thingy

maria2012-06-05 06:23:11

im awesone

FOREVERRULER2012-05-06 19:58:28

A-Flip'n-MAZING...!!! XO

ProArtGirl :D 2012-05-02 18:41:45

I looked at this five billion jjillion times today, awsome job!

Hurricane :)2012-04-16 17:21:59

I've seen what you can do!!! Now, do a wolf!!! I know you specialize in landscapes but animals might turn out really good!!! I'd love to see you do a wolf!!!

Hurricane :)2012-04-15 13:30:19

WOW!!!! You're amazing... if anyone tells you are a bad artist DO NOT believe them!!! They are just jelous!! God has given you an incredible gift!! You did an amazing job!! Congrats!!

Steeben 42012-03-06 20:43:51

Guys, this is Steeben. I just watched a crazy video called the invisible children, it's about these ugandan kids who are abducted, raped, abused, and taken to be used as an army to kill their parents, some were used as sex slaves. it's terrible. this is a video talking about Joseph Kony, the criminal who started all this. the whole this is to make kony famous to arrest him. watch the video! it's amazing, inspring, and touching. :)

hamster2012-03-04 11:07:17

wow that´s great!!! it looks like a photo
fantastic!!! you´re great :) i love it <3

Rosy2012-02-20 09:51:36

Omg!!!!!!!! it looks so real !!!!! I love it ! Please draw more of these pictures! You´ve got Talent

Triz2012-01-16 12:02:46

It looks freakishly real! How do you guys draw so well????

CodiJames2012-01-06 08:17:03

I love Uganda! I spent a couple weeks there in August! Amazing drawing!

Hawk and Dawn2012-01-01 15:03:24


HC37762011-11-30 10:30:40

That looks Awesme! I suck at drawing on computer:D

Enrhiya Sakai2011-11-25 23:50:12

It's so realistic it looks like a photo!! :O

EmilyAnne2011-11-24 07:35:40

Reaally good i wish i could draw like that

skylar212011-11-14 19:34:00

You stole my heart with those drawings!! YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah2011-11-02 11:01:09

I totally thought that was a photo, your good, i stink

batcat012011-10-29 20:38:08

i agery with you flower cat

Titi2011-09-26 16:30:25

very nice way to caputure uganda's beauty.rock on UG!!

Maiboo2011-09-24 17:40:29

This was quicker than your usual ones! But IT'S REALLY GOOD!!

SilverPaw72011-09-20 15:24:13

un-beliveable it looks really real. Not joking!!

7rage2011-09-16 15:48:29

WOW! so real to me. ur just playing with colors, and you have made the best art ever!

Blood On The Dance Floor2011-09-15 09:46:09

this is awsome it looks rlly real i suck at drawing like tht i can only draw cartoons u should b lucky with ur talent

FreeA2011-09-13 01:33:35

It's awesome ! .... I like the playback =)

Infinite Fruit2011-08-29 12:22:15

This is truly inspiring. I thought this was a photograph at first! Wonderfully amazing work!!

flowerlover01522011-08-27 11:59:54

that is so cool i wish i can draw stuff like that but i'm only good on anime

Irena2011-08-26 12:09:58

Was wondering where you had gone to, and this is super good.

Knight2011-08-26 08:40:17

I am forever jealous of your drawing skill.

MamaKat2011-08-26 06:56:22

Beautiful. Nice to see a new drawing from you.

Dreama2011-08-25 19:59:12

You sure haven't, this is really good Steeben.........I love it*****

flower cat2011-08-25 19:42:55

wooooow it looks sooo real , good job :D

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