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Te igen

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Ayanna Turner2017-02-21 13:09:07

That looks very real that is a grate job I donĀ“t just like it I love it.

maureen2012-03-31 08:38:27

Pleasure to wtach

Broken hearts dying2012-02-20 06:17:20

Thats a thirsty but awesome drawing!Sadly,I don't know what kind of drink it is...<(

Ladydrew2011-10-26 13:17:24

Just wondering, is that coffee or tea? XD

This piece of art makes me thirsty.

You did an amazing job!


Dreama 7282011-09-24 19:03:54

This could not look anymore real! I hope you are doing someting with the amazing talent........

MamaKat2011-08-11 09:48:51

This is awesome!

Grander2011-07-31 10:52:04

Are you drawing with mouse?

flower cat2011-07-30 19:28:10

woooooooooooooooooooooooooow ,wow ,wow i live it .
it's brilliant and awesome O.O

Irena2011-07-16 16:24:54

absolutely super!

jowie languido2011-07-15 18:56:19

i like this

Lemontree 20112011-06-30 07:35:24

Wow! WOW! (did I say 'wow' yet???!) Amazing, super, fantastic job!
The glass items, the reflections, the clearness & transparencies, the fluid shining with liquid light, the steam both in the pot and rising from the glass cup, the tabletop...simply marvelous job. And I've used up all most all of the great adjectives one can use. 5 stars and more if I could! :)

Nancy Mistry2011-05-11 18:57:00

This is really good!! very realistic . keep up the good work . :)

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