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The First Tear

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twittlebug2012-02-20 10:21:22

why are people such jerks to other people? i think this art is good :D

ano2012-02-04 11:03:57

Why are there so damn it mean people here??? >:(

reagan2012-01-05 13:57:12


ME!!!2012-01-04 11:47:43

Ok, so... I don't believe in bullying. Don't post mean comments. And Cel, are you serious. I have nothin against your drawing, but you are very clever. Spamming comments, then having people post comments about your comment, and your drawing. She or He behind the computer screen is clever. And for all of u bullys, just shut up. No one wants to hear your trash.

wolflover2011-12-20 15:24:01

Due to tha fact that I ran out of room on my last comment, I didn't get to say this: For all you people who make mean comments about other people drawings, they probably worked really HARD to draw them! You can't just diss them like you've been doing to Celine! If you don't like her drawing, fine. But don't go posting your horrible comments on here, because it won't do any good. Celine, you have the potential of a great artist! Keep working and have fun!

wolflover2011-12-20 15:16:35

Okay, first off, (And don't worry, I'm not drinking hater-aid at the moment!) don't comment on your own work. Just keep drawing. People will comment if they want too. Secondly: don't worry if people think your work is bad. You should see some of my old drawings. I almost decided to insult them myself! And for all you viewers out there who say this drawing sucks, stop. Your wrong. I bet more than half of your have drawn like this at least once in your lives. So stop.

Trinity Shoemaker2011-12-18 18:28:11

This makes me want to puke

kopat2011-12-06 14:54:19

this is terrible and you EARN comments not just make them so you can be in top commented -_-

hey hey hey2011-12-01 13:36:19


hey hey hey2011-12-01 13:35:40

not to be mean but..... WHAT THE HELL!

SHADOW2011-11-24 12:47:47

WHOA PPL JUST BE NICE ur a noob if u say mean and ur technilly cyberbulling

Taylor2011-10-26 12:16:32

I'm sorry, but I think that you commenting on your own picture is a bit pathetic. I agree with Aristotle Jr, if they like your work, you won't have to do this. And you telling saying that whoever doesn't like it is a loser? Your making yourself look bad.

Milk :D2011-10-17 19:02:41

You think were just jelous. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. most of us are alot better then you ---wait All of us are better

Jenna Lee2011-10-10 15:58:52

y did u comment a million times?

DragonEyes19992011-10-05 16:41:36

dont worry their just jealous...by the way nice drawing

madison2011-09-29 17:26:06

ewwww that is sickining sorry that isnt nice but realy laaaaammmmmmeeeee~!!!!!!!

Milk :D2011-09-12 08:28:28

puke.....................i do that cause i am mean!

Milk :D2011-09-10 19:55:47

EWW.......weres the shading????? i hate it!!

AK2011-09-05 05:25:43

I Love it!


Ailbhe2011-09-04 13:02:08

I could do that and I am ten years old look at the painting: I got my eye on you!
I did it! Its just doesn't work! Theres no shines or shadows or stuff like that!

Makiboo2011-09-04 12:56:33


Green tea ice-cream2011-08-30 13:44:36

on one hand .......it doesnt look like the first tear ... i might be crying if i looked like that
on the other hand good on you for trying...... youll get better

Aristotle Jr.2011-08-28 15:06:54

okay this is not good. i know everyone is an artist, but...maybe your a musiccal artist or something else. your justnot an art artist. and its pathetic that you have enough time to make like 100 comments just to get you on most commented. if your work was truly good you wouldnt have to comment 100 times, people would actually comment FOR YOU! BECAUSE THEY LIkE YOUR WORK!

BOB2011-08-15 14:37:55

Stop spamming this drawing sucks

good dog2011-08-13 19:54:30


Bebe012011-08-10 19:09:44

ehh ..........

ellacarolinehaney2011-08-09 07:04:59

I think it is good

Celine Twardzik2011-08-01 09:08:08

People who have been commenting bad on this drawing is a loser because everyone is an artist in the world because nobody's perfect

Cutie Pie2011-07-30 14:39:39

i did the same thing on my pic..... i got no where

willa cowan2011-07-28 14:46:23

how is this 2 and a half stars exactly? it's a 1 at best...

Hiss-terycal2011-07-22 15:15:24

Commenting so much is not nesesary

AsianRawrs<32011-07-18 13:58:17

not the best

A.R2011-07-17 14:46:51

lol i made a eye for you..........

Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:13:12

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:13:04

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:57

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:49

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:39

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:30


Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:20

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:11

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:12:04

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:11:53


Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:11:42

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:11:33


Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:11:20

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:11:11

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:11:04

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Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:10:56


Celine Twardzik2011-07-14 10:10:48

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