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The joker

Just a quick sketch of the joker again playing around with different texture tools and paint tools heres the result.

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philip heleba2013-01-02 16:41:08

even by the picher im scared!

meeeeee2011-12-02 18:14:42

wow so realistic

felix pena2011-08-18 16:13:49



Erica2011-07-09 23:31:05

like joker, like crow.

molly2011-06-16 14:08:09

sorry i forget the is

molly2011-06-16 14:07:37

just a quick sketch what do you mean this amazing

Simone Mosko2011-06-15 04:58:47


nicholas cooper2011-05-13 12:28:11

this is one of my favorites!

melee2011-05-12 09:18:17

wow very nice!!!!!!!! would u mind to look at some of my drawings!! http://slimber.com/gallery/pictures2/3/38334/party-crasher.jpg http://slimber.com/gallery/pictures2/3/34129/death-s-head.jpg

Anca2011-05-08 03:03:28

great ! love it !

tony l2011-04-24 13:13:00

just plain rude, im sure slimber will want to see your commments. and you say you can draw, what you come on here to hate or be hated. what a joke.

i<3bbabyanimals2011-04-23 14:03:16

oh and i forgot to add, tony i dont think you should be telling people to watch the video on how you make it, because it just shows how to turn a peice of **** into a lovelier peice of ****. and yes it is and forever will be a peice of ****. (have fun using ur imagination to fill in the stars!) :) :) :)

i<3bbabyanimals2011-04-23 13:58:49

uhh i dont no y all u guys r saying its good. i mean i hav no art ability at all but i no when something is good. and this aint it...

melee2011-03-05 10:37:35

y so serius .......i mean your freak just like me!!!!!!!!!lol your pic sweet!!!!!!!!!

molly2011-02-25 07:38:21

Tony thats like the real persin but srry that his dead!

india2011-02-25 07:37:34

oh that is cool

Jacsin2011-02-07 16:14:03

Oh, how wonderful!

SzW2011-02-06 14:14:25

wow that looks just lyke the real joker!!!!!!!! nice job!

tony L2011-01-30 10:24:00

yes :)

Aleksander Nowak2011-01-29 04:37:44

R U rocketman28????!!!!

Magdalena Brzezinski2011-01-20 15:48:12

fantastic!!!!!!! would like to draw like you :-)

1112011-01-20 14:42:18

If you hear a wet, clicking sound, that would be my jaw dropping, and hitting the floor from 2 miles away ;)

Ally Flagg2011-01-15 08:45:09

Thats amazing.

katie wiencierz2011-01-07 05:48:53

thats scary i hate clowns !

tony L2010-12-29 10:56:28

I drew a better version of this over here

tony L2010-12-24 06:14:08

hey thanks im glad you liked it nnn and thanks everyone else :)

Caitlin2010-12-23 16:59:10

Wow that is really amazing

NNN2010-12-23 09:45:56

Holy shit Tony! Excuse my language, but I checked out your website and your stuff is AMAZING!!! It's so extraordiarily realistic. I was blown away. Congratulations!

tony L2010-12-12 18:41:39

you can press play to see me draw it lol

tony L2010-12-12 18:41:01

it took alot of patience.

Princess Taylor2010-12-12 16:27:37

Woah how do you post a picture on your painting? Cuz this is freakin imposible to just draw!

tony L2010-12-04 17:00:28

thanks i have a deviant page with my main art check it out if you have time

NNN2010-12-04 15:24:08

I'd be very proud if this was mine. Well done, you have a talent!

tony L2010-12-04 14:30:33

ty silly :)

silly boo2010-12-04 13:48:08


tony L2010-12-03 18:05:44

ty rita :)

Rita Collins2010-12-01 09:28:03

This is terriffic!

tony L2010-11-29 04:26:53

hey thanks ryan im 32

ryan hazley2010-11-29 03:32:49

i'v seen some very amazing artists and i'v won many amazing art compataions but this is a very amazing picture how ald are ya

tony L2010-11-28 09:28:31

hey thanks alot lemon :)

Lemontree2010-11-28 07:13:20

Tony! Tony! Tony! You have raised the Slimber bar, so to speak! This is even better, if possible, than The Mad Hatter...which is outstanding. This, well. Kudos, my friend. This is simply a-mazing! I love it. :)

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