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the master of fatality

Aaaahhhh!!!! please dont kill me if u see this!!! (to the one i paint)

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Legendarywolf123452017-09-01 15:52:12

I was four when you drew this!!!!

dstar8132013-10-20 20:46:21

it is so amazing why cant i play how you drew it? i wanna see ur so amazing

Lauren2013-10-16 06:22:07

That is a photo, right?

horselover2013-06-01 15:39:45

wow.. my names maria too,chack out my drawings in need more viewers oh and your drawings r better than mine.

asian3142013-03-28 20:47:12

agree with Maria. serioiusly... you're not one to judge haters
@kinga he did draw it but it must have been old because slimber didn't always have the playback feature

kinga kaminska2013-03-24 07:34:58

GUYS!!!! he didtnt draw it!!!!! because it doesnt show HOW he druw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Gironza2013-01-13 23:14:27

Its kind of ironic how most of you that are judging on this art work do not... i repeat do not have talent when it comes to art...for example Elly Klawitter down there saying "You Suck" I took a look at your artworks Elly, your not exactly in the position to judge...Love your artwork monkeydude :D

ZoeyB2013-01-05 15:03:41

who is he?

maegan2012-11-25 13:34:32

it killed ME, therefor: i won't kill YOU. [now]

G- dragon /0022012-09-05 17:34:08


1-Dforevercool2012-05-29 20:33:15

the face is creeping me out :s

lill2012-04-01 19:04:25


Marko M.2012-03-26 00:03:22

Crazy good!

Miracle Tempest2012-03-04 20:08:27

To vicca: if you have ever seen or read Ionessco's "The Bald Soprano" you would understand. This is an exelent example or art of the absurd, or Dada (an artistic movement during World War one that shows people and things doing random things as a rebelion to order). It is an amazing drawing.

April Showers2012-01-25 16:08:05

Great job!! Haha!

Camcoolio2011-12-28 15:35:50


starbloom012011-11-07 20:46:11

its ok but maybe you can smooth the clothes as realistic to the rest ya kinda like from Lolo the one befor me =.= ....

LoloRockstar2011-09-29 14:31:46

Wow, that is an amazing painting... but, you do need to make the clotes just as lifelike as the face... otherwise, it's comfusing to critics and stuff, but it is AMAZING

fan 2011-09-14 17:13:31

can you taech me how to do that

wolf blood2011-07-01 07:30:02


lauren2011-06-25 07:43:36

scarrry XO

555s2011-05-08 04:58:38

some of the comment are really rude, but I like it1

zakia2011-03-23 18:31:41

It kinda disturbs me.. haha

danny2011-03-16 07:42:00


sonny2011-03-13 22:03:27

that is very good, and no shading is needed. your work is amazing and i hope to ese moer.

allie2011-03-11 09:52:07


omg2011-03-09 19:33:13


Ruby2011-02-19 10:28:27

Its crazy how good you are- though you did overdo the light a bit. No shadow either. But if you don't listen to me, I understand ! I can hardly compare to you!!!

harrmon2011-01-05 14:48:28

how old is this?how old are you?

dude2011-01-01 22:06:27

great job, keep it up.

Banetteo2010-12-31 15:47:00

FRIENDLY FRIEND! IT'S YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILU <3 <3

gunmaster2010-12-30 17:40:21

Elly Klawitter u suck so shut up

NNN2010-12-23 09:39:38

This is beautiful! I asume that the people leaving mean comments are joking, because some of your drawing are really good! x

Trueblue2010-12-12 12:32:52

looks realistic but creepy

silly boo2010-12-01 18:28:11


Elly Klawitter2010-10-28 14:45:02

kind of creepy dork

Elly Klawitter2010-10-28 14:44:20

U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James2010-10-21 15:15:38


Vinny2010-09-01 10:19:50

so why would you hurt my feelings lke this and draw me. I was so kind to you, thank you for repaying me with THIS!

good dog2010-08-01 20:51:19

It looks so real. I'm amazed

Henry2010-08-01 14:05:42

It's great ... awesome painting

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