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The Way We See The World

I will be doing this one step by step...coz i want u all to see how crazyy i start my drawiiinggsss,,...:D and at the end they turn out pretty good :P

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Angelina_Angy2016-02-16 09:46:49

Thanks guys >.< Means a world to me as always. Follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/antibioticsz/ I have a few of my pencil drawings there see if you like them and if you do I was thinking about drawing your requests and maybe even doing youtube drawing tutorials! :D

Jstar2014-06-07 08:56:18

I love the mystical look in the eye, its simply beautiful.

GreyForestWolf2014-03-15 15:34:10

I am so jealous. You are awesome.

Grace9112014-01-11 08:50:55

My sister's friend once drew an eye on paper and it was very realistic, but not as mystic as yours!

Grace9112014-01-11 08:47:41

PRETTY good? our drawings are AMAZING @Angeina_Angy ! THEY ROCK!

ValentinaM2013-12-31 14:44:08

it starts out blury butthen youbring it into focus :D

Snowhawk2013-12-06 22:41:22

I saw this picture online ---u did a pretty good job at copying it, i can see a difference.

Asha2013-11-25 07:37:03


shubaduba2013-08-07 11:24:41

CHECK ME OUT!http://slimber.com/gallery/image/i-can-draw-for-you:g352990.html

Danielle3332013-08-05 22:43:54

Insanely good,

wolf.fang2013-08-01 18:25:22

wow i got inpired by ur drawing its so coolX3

Skyyylark2013-07-18 11:19:47

this is awesome, one of my favorites haha ^-^ I can never get the squiggly lines around the pupil right, could you give me some tips please? (:

Adreal2013-06-14 20:15:53

i can't say everything i want in just one comment so to sum it all up this is what Cosmic, Emmathecatpretty-kitty, DovesAndRavens, Genevieve, Viper, MissBeHaven, Juneau, and Fire said. IT IS JUST SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire2013-05-31 17:24:05


Juneau2013-05-31 16:39:14

Great drawing. (* *)

MissBeHaven2013-05-18 06:48:21

Amazing Angy as always :D

Viper2013-04-30 20:47:24

pretty :DD somehow it looks different from your other ones :O

Genevieve2013-04-30 18:02:46

Amazing! :O

DovesAndRavens2013-04-30 17:16:21

How are you so good!? :0

Emmathecatpretty-kitty2013-04-30 15:24:19

lawl, point taken, Angy. :D

Cosmic2013-04-30 14:04:58

Its so pretty~.

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