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Twilight Sparkle

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Aleena2016-07-19 20:17:32

AWESOME I wish I could draw this good! Here's my drawing.. not so good tho.

art wing pony lover74032014-12-22 17:16:15

oh my fuging god that is awesome

Emmathecatpretty-kitty2014-10-03 15:00:45

she looks great colors to me :/

Nyancat1012013-11-10 11:17:20

I like it:D

Vilde2013-03-06 05:35:02

Wrong colors

Rainbow Dash2013-01-29 19:09:57

that is a strage nose... but still good...
RD for teh win :D

anabella casino2013-01-24 14:52:31

you kinda mest up on her....she looks a little pink but its stilll goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moonbrite54542013-01-11 11:21:25

im a big fan of mlp im a pegasister and this is awsome

Virginia B. Dowdy2013-01-04 16:09:19

Beautiful! It looks just like the real one!

isabella reg2012-12-27 21:26:11


~~**twilight**~~2012-12-26 07:36:58

lol im twilight sparkle and r u a brony?

jd2012-12-26 07:02:09

wowza this is gooooooooooooooooooood

True-Love<32012-12-25 11:00:53

they look pretty real to me :)

pepperdance pony2012-12-15 16:43:35

bro hoof is like high five, aqua star
^ i drew that but this picture can send it packing!

Tehreem2012-10-25 10:46:55

Can you draw the princees

Jstaring - as my user name -2012-10-19 16:55:00

I can't do stuff like that i can only do cats or rabbits or whatever junk i can do lol

UNITYFIRE42012-07-20 18:54:35


SJL2012-07-17 15:31:28

this totally reminds me of someone i know from school who is obsessed w/ my littlle pony. weird, but this is a lot like something she drew.

im not saying my name2012-06-09 04:30:10

oaahhha SO CUTE :3

Pinkie and Bani 5532012-06-06 15:58:37

how do you draw like that?!

~Aqua Star~2012-06-05 08:31:16

What is brohoof?

haylie2012-05-26 12:11:14


Phosie2012-03-27 13:30:08


i brand2012-03-26 15:03:07

can you do the princess pony or some thing oh and can you do nighmare moon too thanks

sfcscfasjkllsndsajdasda2012-03-25 09:20:14

This is awesome :P

pie2012-01-17 07:22:26

my little pony is GODLY. brohoof.

Killerclaw leader of Bloodclan2012-01-13 19:52:17

can you make rainbowdash or nightmare moon Thanks :)

CLF19092012-01-12 20:47:03

pieman no you can't

pieman2012-01-05 18:11:45

I dont think you drawed it you could just copy it and but it on the drawing page

joselyn kelso2012-01-03 11:45:12

could you make me one that lookz like bluestar

Esha2012-01-01 14:25:10

i don't like my little pony much, BUT THATS REEEEEEEEELLLLLY

Camcoolio2011-12-31 13:05:09

AAAaaw! Do Rainbowdash, eat poop to all the tard-wads critisizing ur awesome pic

puppydog2011-12-29 22:12:06


blue sky cristie2011-12-29 13:24:43


#1 nala and vitani lover2011-12-28 19:58:29

Try and do luna and rainbow dash there my favs

japangirl2011-12-26 18:35:38

woah u are super great, did you try doing rainbowdash or pinkypie

tanglestar10132011-12-24 08:39:38

um I lost the link sorry! :/

3singingsisterz2011-12-21 03:21:43


leslie2011-12-20 18:54:51

you din't draw tha face right i draw better by hand but it's really good for online art oh and the horn is to round and it's to straight around the ear it's really good

10yearoldgirl2011-12-18 09:55:28

rlly good but wat up with all the extra drawing? (my older sis said that u didnt even draw it LOL

leah2011-12-18 07:48:24

its reely good but my little ponny sucks.

chaise2011-12-17 07:00:01

im sorry me agian i was wondering if you could check out my ruby drawing for my little pony story of the blanks ps i still like your drawing

chaise2011-12-17 06:22:32

im abrony i give this 5 stars *bro hoof*

twilight1802011-12-14 19:52:58


CLF19092011-12-12 13:02:44

tanglestar1012 where is it

Tanglestar10122011-12-12 12:47:28

OMG you are amazing! Can you please see my Twilight Sparkle drawing? It's not that good though... Also can you please draw Derpy Hooves?

melodiay2011-12-07 15:50:36

ur relly relly good omg!!!!!

anna art2011-12-05 14:22:04

omg you are gooooooooooood

frostwind2011-12-05 13:58:41

o3o ur good

sonicfancharactergirl12011-12-05 13:52:44

realy good!

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