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whats woody laughing at?

can you guess what woody is laughing at, if you get it right i will draw whatever it is. or what most people say.

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vannelope/eeveelover2016-07-03 15:10:30

he is laughing at nonething

Warrior kitteh awesomeness2013-01-27 07:12:34

he is laughing at buzz's butt crack :P lol

MISTY*WOLF*ARTIST<(o.o)>2012-03-30 08:55:14

my guess is either buzz or a mirror

kylie drossner2012-03-11 15:10:16

girl scout cookies jk he is laghing at buzz

gdhgdfgfhf2012-03-11 15:07:28

he is laghing at buzz

AquaStar2012-01-26 04:33:33

At his imagination! :P

LoloRockstar2011-09-29 14:53:56

Jo Momma!

A.R.2011-08-12 17:19:13

nice i love woody!

tasha d2011-05-18 10:39:03

i think it is buzz lightyear that did something wrong

FallOutFlock2011-05-13 19:49:26

The main reason I love this drawing is because woody is laughing at whatever drawing is left of it.

Dora2011-05-06 15:54:32

i bet hes laffing at my art
:( its so bad toys will laff

kaitie 2011-04-19 13:09:40

i might not get this right but is he laughing at buzzes imagination like in toy story

rsv2011-03-24 08:42:54

he's lughing at a mirrorframe with a pic of a alien who is ugly behind it and the reason hes laughing is cuz he thinks hes going mad. XD

senaya2011-03-13 06:16:14

cool good nice

anominous person2011-02-21 14:28:27

he is laughing at ghost busters! every one knows there is no such thing as ghosts! only living, talking toys!

ILOVEPIGGIES2011-02-14 16:49:12

hey can you draw me a girl snowboarder doing a backflip with a black coat and brown snowpants and a orange snowboard

katie 2011-02-09 07:48:30

so what is woody laughing at? would love to know : ) X

Lemontree2011-01-25 09:37:11

Okay. I've got it. He's laughing at me, trying to draw a candied apple. Ruthless! ;)

Ally Flagg2011-01-20 16:51:23

either mrs potato and mr potato head, or jess and buzz dancing.

Magdalena Brzezinski2011-01-20 15:13:00

you are very good!!!!!!!!!!!

MONKEY HONKEY2011-01-20 08:41:51


oscar2011-01-19 15:18:04

Buzz And your drawings are sick(means cool)just in case

Lemontree2011-01-18 10:17:19

I think that he's laughing at Mr. Potato Head, whose hat has just been shot with a bullet, not unsimilar to one ill-fated artichoke...*grin* :)

CAW2011-01-12 15:45:05

you are an amazing artist!!

Emma R. D.2011-01-10 13:28:16

I think...... I think it's a super duper strange looking intergalactic alien from the fututre. Either that or it's Andy square-dancing with YOU!

alyss2011-01-08 09:15:00

I think it's buzz and jess dancing (like in Toy Story 2), when buzz was speeking Spanish. lol:)

Me, myself and I2011-01-06 10:14:24

Cool :D.

diz doz2011-01-06 10:09:15


TIGER2011-01-03 17:27:43

he is laughing at My Little Pony! everyone knows that! jk

California girl2011-01-01 11:49:22

omg this my older sis fav movie I love this I am sure she will comment on this lol.........

tony L2011-01-01 10:19:17

lord of ther rings yeh i love those movies

Mely2011-01-01 10:18:40

I think you should draw either Buzz and Jesse's dance or somthing from Lord of The Rings if you've seen it.

tony L2011-01-01 10:17:38

im 32 this is just a hobby for me :)

Mely2011-01-01 10:15:53

Oh...Still...How old are you?

tony L2011-01-01 10:14:58

sure but i did'nt mean just toystory i ment any film anything realy its up to you :)

Mely2011-01-01 10:13:16

Well...You could draw Buzz and Jess dancing the spanish dance.

tony L2011-01-01 10:12:48

cool :)

Mely2011-01-01 10:12:11

Yea I was watching Toy Story last night! :)

tony L2011-01-01 10:10:52

yeh lol straight away your right. for that i will draw you somthing ,
what would you like.
in line art of course :)

tony L2011-01-01 10:09:30

can you guess what woody is laughing at, if you get it right i will draw whatever it is. or what most people say.

Mely2011-01-01 10:09:28

Is he laughing at Buzz thinking he was a space ranger? P.S that crazy good drawing!

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