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Taitum Carver

I like to draw. im funny, mesterious, adventureous, i enjoy hunting,fishing,daydreaming,hiking,swimming,watching TOBUSCS,watching vines, being stupid with my friends and a whole bunch of other stuff you people probibily dont care about... ^.^ ;) Status: single and open. Epic friends: Luckechibi.co,Silverwings,Emowolf123,AwalyseAlexia, and others. I love animals, i love ramen noodles, bacon,(GO BACON FREAKS! XD), meat, ice cream and some fruits. I travel alot. My Biggest Wish: To have wings and to fly and/or tobe ably to shape-shift into anything. If I had wings i would fly forever and be truly free. ( I must seem weird to you people... ) I am starting to do animation and im quite good. :)

joined: March 16, 2013
gender: Female
age: 18 years old
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