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Not sure who the icon by ---- Hi every one welp imma not gonna make you read to much XD - so i'll tell u some stuff about me Name: ( i prefer my nickname thats Becka ) Age: 13 and 1/2 Other: I tend to laugh a lot and normally don't get to mad i will most likely forget it by 2 or 3 days, Lol sometimes i have a bad memory, but in results of a career test i took it said i was a collage bound student o.O idk why though i only have like 2 B's and 3 A's on my progress report .... any way i also DO NOT LIKE TO BE TOUCHED ANY WHERE - not even a hug unless i am willing to. yhea yhea i like to be shut up in my room or just flat out being lazy - I am a night owl so i stay up intill 2:00AM in the mornings on weekend when im at my moms .... Loves: uvu i love drawing *who doesn't?*, Pizza, Being lazy uvu, playing video games, graphig design, stuffed animals, fluffy cute animals, and most of all I LOVE CUTE BABY KITTENS >v< and the best part is ..... my cat at my dads just had 3 baby kittens and me and my friend OreoFluff are gonna see if we can go there this weekend and record the baby kittens! Dislikes: Spiders, Speeders, fires, rude people or pictures, and other things im to lazy to type all of it I have a DA account named SnowflakeKittyArtist Along with it i have a Youtube account and here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/dashboard?o=U

joined: April 11, 2014
gender: Female
age: 17 years old
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